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Louisa is Irish/Canadian singer, actor, dancer and a graduate of the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts.

She performed in multiple productions at 'The Oh Canada Eh Dinner Show' in Niagara Falls which sadly closed its doors Spring of 2020 after 26 wonderful years. Several cast members and staff joined forces with Lee Seigel to bring to life New Werx Productions. After 20 long dark months we are delighted to have our first live show in the books.  MTI's All Together Now, a Global fundraiser at the First Ontario PAC in St Catharines!  Stay tuned for our next big show!


Louisa is also an artist educator, cabaret perfomer, choreographer, voice over artist and loves being on a film set!

Favorite credits: Stirling Festival Theatre: Alice in Newfoundland, Snow White and the Magnificent North of Seven, Rocky Horror Show, Josh Grobans Choir - 2020 Ontario Tour, MTI's All Together Now!,  The Nongenue (one woman show), Broadway Showstoppers,  At the Movies: Canadiana Productions,  Seussical The Musical: Western Canada Theatre,   My Fair Lady: Gateway Theatre,   Grease: Theatre Under the Stars,   Calender Girls: Moonpath Productions,   Side by Side: Fighting Chance Productions,   Putting it Together: Cornerstone Theatre,   March of The Falsettos and  Cabaret Sauvignon: Next Company Theatre,  Die Fledermaus: Burnaby Lyric Opera,  Trial by Jury : Choralis Camerata and of course The Rocky Horror Show which she has appeared in 12 times!


Louisa would like to thank her wonderful family and friends who have supported her over the years in all her crazy projects and adventures.   She would also like to thank you for visiting her website today.   Stay tuned for news and updates on concerts and shows.   Have a beautiful day!

R   e   s   u   m   e



Alice in Newfoundland

Stirling Festival Theatre / Ken MacDougall

Katy Cheshire

Snow White and the Magnificent North of 7  

Stirling Festival Theatre / Ken MacDougall

Evil Queen Broomhilde

The Rocky Horror Show /Stirling Festival Theatre


MTI's All Together Now! / NewWerx Productions


Calendar Girls / Moonpath Productions

Elaine/Brenda/Lady Cravenshire

March of the Falsettos / Next Company Theatre


Cabaret Sauvignon / Next Company Theatre


Putting it Together / Cornerstone Theatre


Seussical the Musical / Western Canada Theatre

Bird girl / Dance Captain

My Fair Lady / Gateway Theatre


Grease / Theatre Under the Stars


Side by Side by Sondheim / Fighting Chance Productions



Selected Oh Canada Eh! Credits

All Night Long - Hitz of the 80's

Broadway Showstoppers **

Into the Groove **

At the Movies **

Principal Performer

The Rocky Horror Show (10 productions)

Magenta / Choreographer

Jump, Jive and Jingle

Crazy for Christmas

Swinging Little Sleigh Ride*

Its a Wrap*

Mistletoe Magic*

Supporting role / Choreographer

Eh to Zed*

Principal Performer / Choreographer

Oh Canada Eh!

Kitty/Rose Marie/Choreographer

*  Co-writer

**Dance Captain

Concerts and Cabarets

Grand Ole Oprey

Stirling Does Broadway

Speakeasy Murder Mystery

Diners, Drive ins and Dies Murder Mystery

Stirling Festival Theatre

Fawn and Song

Storybook Gardens

Josh Groban's Choir - 2020 Ontario Tour

Caesars Windsor &  Fallsview Niagara Falls

Anthony Bastianon

The Nongenue - Tales of a Tall Awkward Soprano

One woman Show

Get Happy! The Songs of Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand and more!

With Melissa Marie Shriner

The Song that goes like this!

Songs we love!

Sharing the Season

Concerts with Craig Maguire

Disney Classics

Lawrence Welk Review

Trial by Jury

Featured Soloist with Choralis Camerata

The Colonial Boys - Burlington based Celtic Band

Guest singer

Film and Television

Uplift Desk Web Commercial / MRP

Supporting Actor / Dancer

Steakager Explainer / MRP

Wife/Lead Actor

FACS Niagara Anniversary Video / Mitchell Reilly Picture

Supporting Actor

Americana Resort Web Commercial / Captivate Cinema

Supporting Actor

Just Junk  Web Commercial / Mitchell Reilly Pictures

Supporting Actor​

Penn Financial Web Commercial / Mitchell Reilly Picture

Supporting Actor

Tarion Builders Commercial / Mitchell Reilly Picture

Supporting Actor

The Sugar Plum Blues Music Video

Lead Actor/Singer


Graduate of The Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts 'Triple Threat Program'

Acting Award Recipient 

Vocal coach - Carol Baggott-Forte

Special Skills

Soprano with strong mix

Bodhran player (Celtic drum)

Hoop dancer and poi spinner

Basic ballroom and Latin dance

Accents:  RP, Cockney, Southern, Irish

clown horn sound effect



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